Trace your product

We're proud of the fact that our Totally Kiwi oils are fully traceable right from Soil to Oil®.

Our Promise To Our Customers Is Complete Transparency Every Step Of The Way, From Soil To Seed To Oil.

New Zealand is world-leading in raw material traceability. Never before have we seen such global concern about where food comes from, and how it is produced and handled between that place and your table.

Transparency and traceability underpin everything we produce at Totally Kiwi. It’s who we are and what we do. We are proud to share with our customers information on the exact origin of the products they purchase from us, and allow you to follow along on its journey from our New Zealand farms right to the bottle.

Totally Kiwi has worked directly with our local growers for many years. We contract the crop directly with the farms, and monitor the quality and progress of the crop from the moment the seed goes into the ground, right through to harvest.

Once harvested, the dried ripe Linseed is machine cleaned locally, and each grower line (batch) is stored and processed separately. Batch numbers are allocated to seed lines at harvest time, and this number remains throughout, from seed to finished product, to guarantee complete traceability back to the farm.

If you want to know where your Totally Kiwi Flax Seed Product comes from?
Look at the reference number on your product (find it near the Best Before Date) and locate it below, to have a look at it's journey right from Soil to Oil®

8823-O 8622-O 3422-C
3522-C 8822-O 3822-C
3121-C 8621-O 3521-C
8021-O 0221-C 8721-O
8420-O 0220-C 0920-C
2520-C 3320-C 8120-O
3119A/B-C 70192/3-O 8020-O
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